Privacy Policy

We do not collect any information from our visitors and will therefore not use any of our visitors’ information for any
purposes.  If visitors’ information should be necessary for the implementation our services, it would be stored only while
our services are kept active and only for that and for no other purposes. Information will not be transferred nor
submitted to any other places without our client’s permission, and will be safely discarded after our required tasks are

Refund Policy

All appointments must be arranged a minimum of 24 hours in advance unless special arrangements have previously
been made with us. Advance fee payment is required to make an appointment for the session, and this fee will not be
refunded if appointment is canceled less than 24 hours prior to the appointment time.

In all circumstances we do our best to produce the best result, but we are not able to control the outcome of your final
grades. Whatever the resulting grade may be after our assistance with homework, quizzes, term papers, projects,
exams, etc., the ultimate responsibility for it is yours. Thus, we are not able to refund all or any part of the fees we
charge for the efforts we make to produce the intended outcomes.

If under any circumstances we determine that we are not able to deliver tutoring on the subject that measure up to our
high standard of quality, we will happily refund or reschedule the session.