Why US
The most enjoyment from tutoring is getting to know and learn from each other. Of course, the
most important thing is to accomplish what the students want to learn.  Many of them come to me
after failing and repeating same courses many times. That would be very expensive to postpone
graduation date. Some are at the verge of being kicked out of the course they want to graduate
from.  We wished they would have come to us a little earlier, but they couldn’t find us until
almost too late. Many started with very minimum or weak foundation they could not build on
them.  The experienced tutor like us has the eyes to decipher that as soon as possible and patch
things up though it wouldn’t be easy & quick job to be done. We believe this is the key to the
successful tutoring & secret.  

Beyond that, our tutoring is based on Skype that totally eliminates unnecessary driving and
going to and from meeting place. Our experience reveals that meeting is very dangerous
nowadays, because you wouldn’t be able to figure out on the phone conversation about the
person you meet. We were recently almost killed by a robbery attempt from a purported student.
We were barely escaped from this guy after 6 hours struggle. So, you have to be very careful
either you are male or female. It doesn’t matter.

Skype advantage is numerous. The most significant advantage is to give you the comfort of
being in your own place with some refreshments at anytime and any places where ever you wish
to be. The nicest thing is to get connected instantly in a short notice and finish your tasks. There
are no boundaries, mountains and ocean to cross. If you’d like to try, please contact us anytime
and say “hello”.  
For any comments and/or questions, please contact us,